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Business Acquisitions: Nielsen Shares Stock to Consortium

Nielsen Holdings, an American company that deals in data, market measurement, and information, was bought by two private-equity firms for about $10,000,000,000 (10 billion). This is part of the latter bits of negotiations between Nielsen and the consortium (made up of Brookfield Asset Management and Elliott Management Corporation). Both companies that make up the consortium have already seen benefits in the guise of the sudden spike increase in Nielsen’s share price, and this elevated rate has continued even when the deal was still under discussion.

However, just because Nielsen has agreed to this particular agreement, doesn’t mean that they are stuck with it. This is a fully-financed deal that allows Nielsen to shop around for 45 days and solicit offers from other companies who might want to try and buy the Nielsen company. This “go-shop” period is one way in which potential investors can guarantee that they’re getting a deal they’re happy with while also allowing Nielsen to end up with a deal that they are happy with, as well.

Although we cannot know the truth of it, it is likely that, by selling the company now, Nielsen is getting a return on their initial investment and that the consortium will—eventually—receive a return on the investment they are currently offering right now.

As far as business acquisitions go for 2022, this deal between Nielsen, Brookfield, and Elliott is one of the largest that has so far been announced this year. There has been a decrease in merger deals due to how volatile the market has become.

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